Utility model

Estudio Colmenares provides the service of registration, processing and protection of Utility Models with the knowledge and experience of more than 100 years, taking into account the law, criteria of novelty, technical advantage and industrial application, as well as the value of a novel configuration with the technical effect that did not have previously.

This service is offered through the knowledge and professional practice of the shapes that are incorporated to the objects, in order to allow a better operation and give an added value (technical advantage) to the innovations of customers.

The Authority allows the change of modality from patent of invention to patent for utility model.

To obtain protection of a Utility Model, the Examiners of the Direction of Inventions and Novel Technologies carry out an evaluation of the technical advantage of the claims by comparing the relevant state of the art, in order to evaluate if it can be protected and fulfills the criteria of law.  The proceeding has a duration of two years, approximately.  The protection of the patent for utility model is granted for a term of ten years counted from the application date.