It is highly important to have the Trademarks registered at Peruvian Customs. This will allow Officials to report us of any possible infringing products arriving from any destination.

Infringement actions before the Administrative Authority of INDECOPI, after goods being immobilized at Customs, are the most effective way to avoid products entering into the market. The advantage of having the trademark registered at Customs is mainly to have 10 calendar days to formally detain the shipment, instead of 3 calendar days for products with non- registered trademarks.

Since 2016, we have successfully acted in 53 infringement cases of merchandise valued at USD 600,000 approximately. Actions have been taken in favor of major clients within the fashion, shoes, clothing, sports, agriculture, toys and car manufacturing industries. In all cases, we achieved the detention and eventual destruction of fake products.

We have a specialized team of two trademark attorneys and one paralegal dedicated exclusively to report the clients on potential infringement cases.

We currently offer the service of registrations at Customs free of costs for our clients. Your instructions will suffice to have trademark rights duly protected at Peruvian borders.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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