Power of Attorney

Pursuant to current legislation, documents of Powers of Attorney, to act in administrative proceedings, do not require notarization or consular legalization or Apostille. Only the signature of an authorized representative is required by stating its position or title under which the document has been signed.

Notwithstanding, only in the cases of waiver, or withdrawal of the proceeding, claim or any procedural act, the signature on the Power of Attorney must be certified by a Notary Public and, in the case that the Power of Attorney has been signed abroad, the signature should be legalized by Apostille or by a Peruvian Consular Officer, if the country wherein the document has been signed is not a member of The Hague Convention.  Likewise, in order to lodge contentious-administrative complaints or to reply them in the judicial channel, a Power of Attorney legalized with Apostille or by Peruvian Consular Officer is required.

Please click the «Download» icon to obtain a MS-Word document containing the model of Power of Attorney to apply to the proper national Bureaux and Authorities for the applications and issuance of patents, registrations and/or renewals of trademarks and service marks, designs, models, trading names and slogans, to file defences and oppositions against applications from third parties and all Industrial Property matter and Copyrights in Peru.


Under current arrangements, it is not necessary to legalize the power to be used in the Trademark Office.